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Hope – Writing Prompt

I'm all about short writing prompts that get your brain churning and words flowing. Today's, prompt is to write about the texture of hope as if it were a physical thing.

I'm all for symbolism so I love prompts like these!

Texture of Hope

Deep in the forest, dark and lush, it leaves my fingers moist with the pungent aroma of earth and resurrection. Compressed beneath the weight of my knees, its life force leeches its way into the fabric of my dress. It battles with the stench of desperation and sweat. Hope curls beneath the cover of my nail-beds, past the cracks in my palms, and caked to my tear stained cheeks. I claw away at its veneer as the sky weeps for my depravity.

Heart throbbing, guardians of the forest, cloaked in their wisdom, bare down on my quivering frame. Fear rooting me in place, I shovel trembling willow wisps into my breast pocket. Fingertips, petrified around the seed of my unease, retreat gnarled and angry. I force my battered heart into the gaping mouth, an offering. Feverish hands push and pull at the blanket of earth. Palms press with the weight of my body. Suffocating the beast of anxiety. Daring not to breathe until the last bleating pulse dies out.

How deep must one dig to find peace?

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