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When Life Happens Keep Writing

This post is less of a writing tip and more of a hard life less. Keep writing.

There will be times you don’t want to write.

There will be times when life throws everything it has at you.

Life…will take you home for all the wrong reasons. Will make writing seem hopelessly indecent.

For those of us as writer, this is how we process the world. Writing is how we cope with trauma and loss. To say that writing is indelicate would be to say that feeling is improper. We all grieve in our own ways, and sometimes you just have to write.

So, I beg you, in all of your suffering, write. Do not let the world tell you what is proper. Be unafraid of the tumultuous storm brewing inside you. Art imitates life.

Our stories will always be a reflection of ourselves, our beliefs. As much as we try to distance ourselves from our characters, to make them stronger, better, more enticing, they will always hold some part of us.

What I mean to say is this: do not fear your own honesty.

The best stories are true. Readers will always connect with the reality of heartache. It comes in many forms. Do not deny your readers that community for fear that others might condemn your truth as shallow, insensitive, or selfish.


When life gets hard, keep writing.

Don’t ever stop.

Your story deserves to be told.

I've written this post twice now, because life is testing my patients. And because if you save a draft on WordPress without a title, then everything you've written disappears. Learn from my mistakes.


*This will not be as eloquent or profound as the first draft.*


I know today's writing tip isn't useful. And I promise there is better to come. But right now, this is the truest tip I can share. Keep writing.

Life and loss has hit my family hard and this week has been longer than I could have ever imagined. The last thing I want to do is write. And that's okay. We're taking things one day at a time.

Another perfect NaNoWriMo opportunity has evaded me, but it has left me that much more determined to succeed.

So, I'll keep writing. A word. A sentence. Eventually a story.

I won't ever stop writing.

So, thank you. Thank you for reading this. For sharing. Or following. Thank you for whatever little way you have impacted my life. Your support means the world to me.

Don't. Ever. Stop. Writing.

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