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Why I’m Writing a Novelette for NaNoWriMo

*Before I get started, if you haven’t already, check out my NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts and writing tips on Character Frameworks, World Building, and Outlining.*

With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, I’ve decided to do something a little different this November. I never seem to be capable of finishing a novel no matter my intentions or my planning. Whether it be a result of school, work, or the anxiety inducing gargantuan task of writing 50,000 words, I just never get it done.

And then the multitudes of outlines and unfinished chapters sit languishing on my hard drive.

But not this year, darn it!

Because this blog is still so new, it requires a lot of time and effort. It’s basically an unpaid part time job on top of my full time job and everyday responsibilities.

That’s why this year I’m going to write a novelette! Well, three actually.

A novelette is a short book anywhere from 7,000 to 14,000 words. I’ve decided to take a story idea I’ve been toying around with and turn it into a novelette mini series.

The goal is to write three 8,000 word novelettes during the month of November using the same NaNoWriMo Outline I talked about last week. That means I’ll only be writing about 16 scenes per book, which coincide with the outline segments I discussed.

This gives me a little more leeway around my busy schedule and a less daunting goal to work towards. Because achieving tiny goals are still achievements! And we all have to start somewhere.

The rest of this post is just going to be a shameless plug where I ramble about my story ideas. If you’re anything like me and love a good brainstorming sesh, then feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email. I love hearing other people’s wonderful ideas, and their excitement over their own stories!


Book Blurb

Space exploration, untold treasures, and leaving behind the only home she’s ever known might be more than Imber bargained for.

Caught up with a treasure hunter after he costs her a priceless pendant, this healer turned bounty hunter will travel to the far reaches of her galaxy for the sake of starting over. But starting over isn’t easy when the skin you’re in is colored by a past you aren’t proud of and a reputation that proceeds you no matter where you go. There are secrets in the House of Cresswell and Imber wants nothing more than to leave them in the hot springs of her planet.

In search of freedom and stability, Imber sets out with a man she hardly knows to track down a key that could be nothing more than legend. Through shady deals and close encounters, Imber must choose between a fresh start and uncovering the truth. The Imogen Galaxy is accustomed to debauchery and black markets, but it’s often the brightest stars that burn the hottest and bury the most secrets.

Will her past catch up with her? Or will her future be more than she can face alone?



I’m still working out a few kinks in the story line, but I’m super excited to write this Scifi Space Opera filled with galactic showdowns and strange monsters. I still haven’t settled on the treasure hunters name yet, which is why I didn’t go into much detail about him in the description above. Just know he’s an outcast from the other side of the galaxy and both of their childhoods were worlds apart (both figuratively and literally).

This mini series is going to be part space adventure, part mystery. And maybe a hint of romance. We’ll see. But you can definitely expect conflict, humor, and a flying bunny named Maia.

That’s really all for today. I might add character bios later, once I’ve settled on a few more details.

Comment your NaNoWriMo story ideas bellow and don’t forget to subscribe!


Happy Writing!

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